Private Clients

Private Client Approach

HGS provide discreet services to private clients either directly or through private or family offices. We focus our support to individuals or families on protection at home, abroad and whilst travelling but also provide a one stop consultancy to clients to leverage a number of other protective services when required. There is no template to either the risks or concerns that a client may experience, or to the services that are deployed to mitigate those risks, so our approach is consultative and we treat every case with the depth, detail and sensitivity needed to find the right solution.

Our overriding purpose is to enable personal, family and business life to continue as close to normality as possible, despite risk, but ensure discreet control measures are in place that are robust but flexible without causing disruption.

What we do

How we do it

Our Private Client Services

Close Protection

Our close protection services cater for a full range of scenarios from personal protection of individuals and families to the safe guarding of assets in transit by former military personnel. Services include Executive driving and Chauffeur services by former UK police officers.

Residential Protection

We provide security design services to protect residences as well as the engineering skills to implement and integrate the latest smart home technology. We also link private residences to alarm monitoring and response services.

Cyber and Data Security

Our cyber partners have specialist backgrounds and diverse skillsets aimed at protecting client data exposure to cyber attack, as well as providing business intelligence services.

24/7 Travel Management

Provides an all encompassing service to clients and their families whilst travelling, including travel management, 24/7 tracking, remote medical assistance, security and point of incident evacuation.

Fixated Risk Management

Our fixated risk management services provide advisory and response services to those faced with intrusion, harassment and threatening behaviour, to help reduce human, financial or reputational impact.


In order to safeguard business or family privacy, we provide counter surveillance electronic sweeps of office locations, residences and vehicles to identify listening, tracking or video devices.